Frank Boulton
I wanted to become a goalkeeper by all means when I was 6. Before I took part in martial arts, but i wasn't interested any longer.

After having played in my new team we visited my grandfather in england and he said: "Did you know we had a famous goalkeeper in our family who played for Arsenal?"

Totally surprised we started collecting everything about Frank Boulton what we could find. This is my page dedicated to him. I would have loved to meet him, but unfortunately he died some years ago.
Frank Boulton Derby County Frank Boulton Derby County Frank Boulton Derby County
Frank Boulton Derby County Frank Boulton Derby County Frank Boulton Derby County
Pics with friendly permission Frank Boulton Arsenal
This pic is dated december 1937, Frank Boulton (left) and Bernhard Joy from Arsenal defending an attack from Preston.

Frank Preece Boulton was born on the 12.8.1917 in Yate, England.
First he played for Bristol City in 1934. Then he went to Bath City and changed to Arsenal in October 1936
He had to share the goal partly with Alex Wilson and Georg Swindin. His best time must have been in 1937/1938 there, he played 17 games which were more than Wilson and Swindin. He also aquired the First Division Medal.

He was a guest player and belonged to Queen of the South from Scotland before he was bought by Derby County (Rams) after the war. From 1938 he played for Derby County and became number one as well. Unfortunately he had a bad accident during an important FA Cup tie in the final in 1946 and could not go on playing.

He served four years long for the Royal Air Force in West Africa by the way.
Finally he played for Swindon Town from 1946 to 1950 but got injured again, so he had to be replaced before the semi finals.

In the end he played for Crystal Palace and Bedford Town.

He died in Swindon in June 1987, not far away from Gloucester where some of our family are still living today.

All together he played from 1938-1945 39 league games, 7 FA Cup games, together 46 games with the Rams.
Swindon statistics: 103 games,
1949/1950 16 games,
1948/1949 21 games,
1947/1948 30 games,
1946/1947 30 games, in 47/48 also 6 FA Cup games.
He changed to Crystal Palace in May 1959. 
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